6mm White Paper straws – Lenght: 19.5cm – 6000pcs

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6mm White Paper straws for cold and hot drinks: alternatives to plastic.

Our 6mm white Paper Straws are entirely produced and distributed in the European Union. The raw material comes from France. We do not use any type of materials from China and therefore we can guarantee the very high quality of our products.

For some years now, the importance of protecting the environment and our planet has become increasingly widespread. Fortunately, among the first sensitive to the environmental issue, there are the owners of bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as the large airlines, shipping and railways which, with increasing frequency, adhere to awareness programs and actively participate to the reduction and elimination of plastic straws.

Produced in Europe in compliance with EU directives

  • Ecological, recyclable, biodegradable, compostable, non-toxic, odorless.
  • High quality raw materials, suitable for contact with food, made with FSC certifiedpure cellulose kraft paper, water-based glue and ink.
  • Resistant, they do not shatter, do not tighten, do not leave residues.
  • Perfect for cold or hot drinks, such as water, milk, tea, juices, milkshakes, smoothies, cola, cocktails, etc.
  • Available in different lengths and diameters, in packaging of various contents, even in single printed packaging.

Elegant, in various colors and patterns, in the right design for every occasion.

In fact, valid eco-friendly alternatives have already existed for some years: biodegradable straws. In addition to ensuring hygiene, ease of use and mechanical characteristics that can be superimposed on plastic ones, these straws have a further advantage: they decompose in controlled composting conditions. The paper straw, mainly composed of recyclable raw materials, contributes significantly to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the consequent greenhouse effect. Totally biodegradable, once used it can be disposed of according to a natural decomposition process.

5 Reasons to use our Biodegradable Paper Straws

  1. Compared to other “Plastic-free” alternatives, Paper Straws have a lower cost and are customizable.
  2. They can be easily recycled at low cost.
  3. The global impact on the environment using biodegradable paper straws is neutral: even if their production involves CO2 emissions, which are still lower than plastic, plants grown for paper production consume CO2.
  4. Aesthetically and functionally, paper straws have nothing to envy to plastic and also do not alter the flavor and taste of cold or hot drinks.
  5. Part of the REVENUE is DONATED to the Phoenix Voyage humanitarian association.

200 Cannucce di Carta 8mm*22.5cm - Imbustate Singole 1

The pollution caused by plastic is a constantly spreading phenomenon that takes many forms on a daily basis. One of the most harmful and often underestimated is that of straws.

The Plastic Straws

Sipping a drink or a cocktail is certainly a moment of relaxation and pleasure, an idyllic moment, in which the straw cannot be missing. Memories of childhood and carefree evenings, the narrow colored plastic tubes bring to mind happy moments, from parties to stops at the bar, passing through holidays on the beach. Plastic straws, used mainly for hygienic reasons, are however often thrown away or forgotten, regardless of the immense environmental damage.

5 Reasons to Stop Using Plastic Straws

  1. More than 1 billion per day are consumed worldwide, 500 million in the United States alone
  2. They cannot be recycled.
  3. They end up on beaches and in the seas. In Europe they are among the top 5 waste collected on the coasts
  4. They kill birds and marine animals.
  5. Without them, the drinks don’t change flavor.

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19,5 cm




Packaged in cardboard boxes

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