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Our challenge is to counter the oriental “low cost” market which we know is often synonymous with poor quality.

We are a team of dynamic and enterprising young people, who strive to place high quality products at reasonable prices on the European and international market, using raw materials and assembly “Made in Europe”.
Our challenge is to counter the oriental “low cost” market which we know is often synonymous with poor quality.


Paper straws production

Given the recent formal green light from the EU Council on the directive that will ban the use of disposable plastic in Europe starting from 2021, we are pleased to offer you one of our most interesting items: paper straws.
Many are already taking steps to promote the defense of our planet and, among the most active, we recognize the categories of small, medium and large owners of premises but also the large transport companies which, all sensitive to the environment, participate has been actively involved in reducing and eliminating single-use plastics for some time.
The choice of a paper straw as well as guaranteeing hygiene, ease of use and having characteristics totally superimposable to the plastic one, has a further advantage: being totally biodegradable, once used, it can be disposed of according to a natural decomposition process.
The main strengths of our paper straws are 5:
  1. Compared to other “Plastic-free” alternatives, they have a lower cost and are customizable.
  2. They can be easily recycled at low cost.
  3. The global impact on the environment is neutral: in fact, even if their production involves CO2 emissions, which are lower than plastic, the plants grown for the production of paper consume CO2.
  4. Aesthetically and functionally they have nothing to envy to plastic and also do not alter the flavor and taste of both cold and hot drinks.
  5. Part of the REVENUE is DONATED to the Phoenix Voyage humanitarian association.
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“The European directive on the use of single-use plastics makes it necessary to produce biodegradable straws for supermarkets, clubs and consumers. QAR7.3 was born from this urgent market need, a young company that produces paper straws. It is a low-cost recyclable product, which has proven to be an excellent substitute for plastic.

QAR7.3 was created by a team made up of enterprising young people, who have chosen to strive to place high quality products at low prices on the Italian and international market. Another value that distinguishes them is certainly the choice of “Made in Europe” raw materials, in order to support the Community market and limit the CO2 emissions associated with their transport. The goal is also to counter the oriental “low cost” market, which is often synonymous with poor quality.


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