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5 reasons to use our paper straws:

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A concrete help to the environment

QAR7.3 does not support the environmental cause only through the sale of biodegradable products with zero impact on the planet. In fact, the company has chosen to donate part of its proceeds to the Phoenix Voyage association, which has already been active in the social sphere for several years. An altruistic decision to say the least, especially if we consider the philosophy at the basis of this beneficial reality.

The Phoenix Voyage team, in fact, takes care of developing projects in favor of all those global ecosystems that are suffering from the negative impact of man. A less polluted world can only improve the quality of human life, especially if we think of the extreme consequences that some forms of pollution have on local populations.

The importance of protecting the environment and our planet has been spreading for several years now. Fortunately, among the first to be sensitive to the environment, there are the owners of bars, clubs and restaurants, as well as the major air, sea and rail companies that are increasingly pursuing awareness programs and actively participating in reducing and eliminating plastic straws.

In fact, there have been viable eco-friendly alternatives for several years now: biodegradable straws. In addition to guaranteeing hygiene, ease of use and mechanical properties similar to those of plastic, these straws have an additional advantage: they decompose under controlled composting conditions.

The bio straw, composed mainly of recyclable raw materials, contributes significantly to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and the consequent greenhouse effect. Fully biodegradable, once used, it can be disposed of according to a natural decomposition process.

Paper straws 1 | Cannucce di carta QAR7.3 - Made in Europe

Plastic pollution is a phenomenon that is constantly spreading and taking larger forms every day.

One of the most harmful and often underestimated is that of straws.


Sip a drink or a cocktail is certainly a moment of relaxation and pleasure, an idyllic moment, in which the straw cannot be missing. Memories of childhood and carefree evenings, the narrow colored plastic tubes bring to mind happy moments, from parties to stops at the bar, going on holidays on the beach. Plastic straws, mainly used for hygienic reasons, are often thrown away or forgotten, regardless of the huge environmental damage.

Paper straws 2 | Cannucce di carta QAR7.3 - Made in Europe


1. More than 1 billion are consumed per day worldwide, 500 million in the United States alone.
2. They cannot be recycled.
3. They end up on the beaches and in the seas. In Europe they are among the top 5 waste collected on the coasts.
4. They kill birds and marine animals.
5. Without them, drinks don’t change flavor.

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